16 Weeks Pregnant Baby Movement

Baby Movement at 16 Weeks

Your baby’s arms and legs are moving now. This 16 Weeks pregnant baby movement might not be recognized at first, but soon will. You can see this movement during an ultrasound. You may also be able to feel your baby move at this point in the pregnancy (or will very soon) Many women describe feelings of as a gas bubble or fluttering feeling. Some questions were asked us about 16 weeks pregnant with no movement,. If you haven’t experienced any baby movement by now don’t worry. The quickening, meaning fetal movement, can be felt between 16 and 20 weeks. We address here the 16 weeks pregnant baby movement, but the time can be very different for different babies and different mothers. Give it few more weeks and you should feel baby move. When you feel baby movement it’s for a few reasons. As your baby’s bones develop and harden she feels the urge to  stretch and move. Around this time she also begins a huge growth spurt. This will cause the baby movement and kicking as well.

What does baby movement feel like at 16 weeks – Most describe baby movement at 16 weeks as a twitching feeling. It has also been confused for  as a gas bubble. Often we here that it’s like a fluttering feeling. Similar perhaps to butterflies in your stomach, but more pleasant..

First baby movement at 16 weeks – You will often notice first baby movement 16 weeks. Between 16 to 20 weeks is the norm but it’s different with each baby.

No baby movement at 16 weeks – Not to worry!  We are often asked about no movement at 16 weeks pregnant. It should come soon enough.

What does the babies kick feel like at 16 weeks – Some moms describe 16 Weeks pregnant baby movement and the first kick as being poked from the inside. Or even “like having a really strong butterfly trapped in my tummy.” We heard woman woman that said “It felt as though a very light bubble appeared, rose up and popped. I kept thinking, was that it? It wasn’t anything like I’d expected.” Many women confuse these feelings with gas or indigestion initially.

You’re 16 weeks pregnant, congratulations! Start to pay attention to baby movements at 16 Weeks. This is one of the 16 weeks pregnant symptoms that many women notice. The movement assures you that baby is alive and well and there should hopefully be less chance of stillbirth. That’s why women are encouraged to actually track or monitor. Remember though, movement may begin at this stage, but may not show up for a few more weeks. We provide pregnancy symptoms week by week, and related information starting with early pregnancy. Please feel free to comment with your own pregnancy experience and come back soon!

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