16 Weeks Pregnant Belly First Baby

16 Weeks Pregnant BellyYou’re 16 weeks pregnant, congratulations! Your first baby is alive well within your 16 weeks pregnant belly. She wants to let you know she’s  there! If this is in fact your first baby, your first pregnancy in other words, then your experience may be a little different. At week 16 of pregnancy, it’s completely normal to not show much, or have an obvious pregnant belly.  Especially for example, a 16 weeks pregnant belly for a first pregnancy could take a little longer to begin to stick out. The norm is to have a bit of a belly. That’s one of the 16 weeks pregnant symptoms that many women notice. If this is your first baby and you do not notice this, just wait! You’re sure to show that 16 weeks pregnant belly first baby soon!

16 Weeks Pregnant Belly First Baby Video

The video above shows a 16 weeks pregnant belly first baby example. More pictures and images are coming, so stay tuned.

For the second pregnancy and beyond, the uterus has already been stretched, so you might have a bump a little earlier in repeat pregnancies. If this is your 16 weeks pregnant belly first baby, and you haven’t felt her move yet, don’t worry, it won’t be much longer. Fetal movement, also called quickening, is usually felt between 16 weeks and 20 weeks of pregnancy. The time is different for every woman and can also be different from one pregnancy to another. One baby maybe more active than another. The size of baby, or the number of fetuses can also affect what you feel.

Your first baby 16 weeks pregnant belly will look different in later pregnancies. But now as your baby grows your uterus and placenta are also growing inside your 16 weeks pregnant belly first baby or not. Six weeks ago, your uterus weighed about 5 ounces. Today it weighs about 8 in 1/4 oz. The amount of amniotic fluid around the around baby is also increasing. Now near 7 1/2 seven ounces of fluid. You can easily feel your uterus about 3 inches below your belly button around 16 weeks pregnant belly first baby and later. We provide pregnancy symptoms week by week, and related  information starting with early pregnancy. Please feel free to comment with your own pregnancy experience and come back soon!

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