Category: 12 Weeks Pregnant

This blog category provides information on 12 weeks pregnant symptoms and more. Posts include how big is baby this stage of pregnancy, what to expect at 12 weeks pregnant, what trimester it is, when is my due date, etc. We primarily discuss symptoms to answer the question how should I feel day by day when I’m 12 weeks pregnant.

What Can You Expect During The 12th Week of Pregnancy

So, new Mommy (soon to be) how far along are you? 12 weeks, you say, great! What can you expect during the 12th week of pregnancy? So glad you asked! You may start to show this week your uterus is beginning to outgrow your pelvic area and push up and out forcing your belly to protrude. In fact now is a great time to purchase a few inexpensive stretchy garments that … Read More

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